Our Facilities


Mirabelle Early Learning is a brand new childcare centre based right in the heart of Bangalow. We provide expert care for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in a safe, nurturing, play-based learning environment.

At Mirabelle, we follow the Reggio-Emilia approach to early learning, which means we’ve designed a childcare centre that will nurture your child’s natural creativity. Light, airy rooms create a relaxed feel, plus there are designated garden play areas and covered decks for each age group. What’s more, there are always tasty, nutritious meals on the menu prepared by our in-house chef.

We’re committed to a sustainable future so we follow water saving guidelines and we’re passionate about recycling. Air-con and fans feature throughout so everyone’s comfy on hot summer days.  We are eco friendly, so your little one will only play with natural or recycled educational resources.


Our beautifully landscaped gardens encourage imaginative play and give your child the freedom to explore the natural world guided by highly qualified, and passionate educators.

We have separate play areas for toddlers and preschoolers. So your little one can play in the mud kitchen designed to increase awareness of the senses whilst having FUN, splash around in the water at our carefully designed water feature, or play hide and seek in the orchard. Whatever they choose, there’s plenty of space to run around and explore the wonders of the natural world.

When the weather’s good, we’ll spend time learning outside in our amphitheatre. Our gardens are the perfect place for your child to learn & play.


Tending the veggie patch is all part of the fun at Mirabelle. Toddlers and preschoolers get involved sowing seeds, nurturing the plants, and keeping a worm farm. They’ll also deliver the harvest to Mirabelle’s kitchen, where our in-house chef will make tasty, nutritious meals from some of the ingredients picked.

Caring for the veggies is a great way for your child to put everything they’ve learnt about sustainable practice into action. They’ll experience the reward of paddock to plate, understand the role of composting and the importance of preserving water.


Situated on each of our room’s decks is the “atelier” or art studio. This space is the heart and soul of Mirabelle’s Reggio approach to early learning. It’s where every child is encouraged to express their unique way of seeing the world through the language of art.

You’ll find cupboards bursting with natural art materials, everyday bits and pieces, light projectors, and more. Everything your child might need for creative experimentation is at their fingertips.

The artwork is displayed with pride on the learning space walls and in Mirabelle’s entrance hall on large banners – so your child knows their work and their ideas are valued. Educators encourage your child to talk through their artistic process, an activity that plays a crucial role in brain development.


Our in-house chef prepares super healthy, nutritious lunches that your child is going to love. Using some of the herbs and veggies grown in our garden, you’ll find all the old favourites on the menu, such as pizza, burgers, pasta, tacos, sushi and baked dinners.

In fact, our chef loves to introduce your child to the different tastes and textures of food from other cultures. Which means your little one can look forward to experiencing cuisine from Japan, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, the Middle East and more.

Don’t worry if your child’s a little fussy – our chef’s got it covered and will always work with your child’s dietary requirements, and Mirabelle is, of course, a nut free zone.


Young yogis will love our fun-filled yoga and meditation classes.

There’s loads of room for creativity, so whether it’s barking in downward dog, or becoming a superhero in warrior pose, your child will learn how to be through movement and meditation.

They’ll experience the power of the breath in creating stillness, calm, and peacefulness. And use yoga poses to develop strength, balance, flexibility and focus.

Importantly, your little one will experience the benefits of starting a yoga and mindfulness practice early in life. This means they’ll have a head start when it comes to cultivating kindness to self and others.


Think fresh air, outdoor learning, sustainability, the responsibility to care, nurture and empathise with nature, as well as the abundance of opportunities to think about where food comes from and how it’s produced? Chooks are rewarding and add great educational value to your little ones journey.  It’s all hands on learning in our garden at Mirabelle.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?  The life cycle of a chicken is amazing and so is, the fact that birds walked the earth with and evolved from the dinosaurs!